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Flamenco | World-Fusion| Poetry

Oayim is a creation of original compositions, world-fusion and influences of flamenco. The two founder Negyh  (Voice, Piano) and Luqas Bonewitz (Flamenco-, Fretlessguitar, Voice) enchant, recite, call and sometimes whisper in Spanish, Farsi and German. In a time of globalisation, migration and seeming independence they explore a new, unknown home within their compositions and invite the audience on a journey towards that space. Flying on the wings of poetry and immersing in the sea of emotion, between rhythms and melodies of nostalgic worlds – in a freshly shining light – thus Oayim wanders on vibrating bridges between cultures and languages. After all it is the mystery of music itself that can directly touch hearts and resound the ephemerality of each and every moment.