The Voice


NegyhRâ is a versatile singer and piano player that, coming from a Persian origin, has explored for years the traditional music in different parts of Mexico and the Afro-Colombian music in the Colombian Caribbean. Being always inspired by Flamenco chants, she is very influenced in her long residences in Madrid and Seville.

Though she is also a theatre player, she has a very expressive way of using her voice. Emotions are the real motivation for her artistic activity. She catalyzes whatever invades her and transforms it into art, thus inviting the audience to travel with the groove of her soul.

On her musical way, she was also supported by renowned singing teachers, such as Monika Kopp, Mamen Gallardo and Germana Giannini.

Long-term experience in somatic bodywork and mental training give her a very holistic vision of art and singing.

The Guitar

LuqasPerfil01 Luqas Bonewitz and his guitar unite traditional flamenco
with modern worldmusic, virtuosity with universal
sound aesthetics, variety with simplicity.
He studied at the University of Arts in Rotterdam, under
the guidance of legendary Paco Peña and at the
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba with the
most renowned Flamencoguitarists of today.
Improvisation and feeling are his guidelines when making
Besides his profession as a self-employed musician he
supports individuals and groups as a music coach,
addressing topics such as: awareness, improvisation and
leading/following. Through the connection of music,
somatic body work and mental training his work fosters
holistic growth and conscientiality.